We are already halfway through the month-long school holiday, and besides the events lined up in conjunction with Brunei December Festival, there are also other fun activities in the country to keep your young ones busy.

Holiday Programmes and Camps

There are various companies that will cater to your child’s urge to learn through play, such as Creativate Brunei and PAZ Tarbiyyah Global.

Creativate Brunei is a mobile creative learning centre that aims to nurture young minds to think and act creatively through creative programmes. You can follow them on Instagram to get more information on the services they offer.

Unleash their creative side

Pull out the drawing block, crayons, paints and coloured paper for kid-friendly art projects. Work together with your children to create family art pieces that you can proudly archive. Change the theme or the art medium regularly, to make each session fun and memorable.

Creative Space Brunei has recently introduced drawing classes for beginner and advanced students, as well as watercolour classes for those who are interested in learning the basic techniques. Reach out to them via Instagram and Facebook.

Beaches and Parks

Brunei is blessed with accessible beaches, parks and reserves. Kids can enjoy a day of clean fresh air for free.

Come prepared with water, sun hats and sunscreen. Bring outdoor game equipment like balls, frisbee or a fishing line to make the day enjoyable.

Learn a new skill

The country is currently sprouting with skills-based learning, such as BenchLab, which serves as a platform where skilled individuals have the opportunities to teach and earn part-time whilst curious individuals have the opportunities to garner new skills.

For the more daring youngsters, there is UP Climbing Centre, where they will teach you the basics of rock climbing. UP takes pride in being the first indoor climbing gym in Brunei, and has 24 climbing lanes and a bouldering cave.

Board and Card Games

Good old-fashion board and card games are a great way to keep kids from getting bored. Monopoly, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Checkers, and Snap are great games for players of all ages.

It is very rewarding to keep your children busy without having to resort to being in front of a screen, especially at this day and age of technological advancements – but it is still possible.