The Hassanal Bolkiah Brunei Stadium in Berakas was recently brought to life as it was filled with crowds and several activities. The Armwrestling Competition was held in the Multi-Purpose Hall, but the Stadium Carpark was filled with wheels as the Pesta Roda Roda goes full swing. 

As part of the Brunei December Festival, various event organisers namely, Mortar Events, AdXpert Marketing, Nanet Enterprise, and Wings Motor Gang Society gathered together to host a weekend full of fun with their Pesta Roda Roda. In case you missed it, here are a few of the event highlights:

#1 Wings Motor Gang Society

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

We have cars, we have bikes, and then, there’s the Wings Motor Gang Society. With rows of motorbikes gleaming under the sun, men and women in biker’s jackets featuring the gang logo as they walk around their place, is a very impressive sight. Not only that, you can hear their revved engines as their procession rode around Brunei.

#2 RC Tanks

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

We were not just looking at all the real cars and bikes at the wheels festival, but at the Indoor Booth, the Brunei RC Tank Regiment laid out their remote controlled tank collections as well as a small field where for a small fee people can try and take them out for a test drive (or stage a mini battle!).  

#3 Parrot Kingdom

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

Among all the mechanical automotive at the car park, there were two booths that stood out the most. Standing facing each other, on one side you have the ‘Parrot Kingdom’ arriving all the way from KB. Protected inside an enclosed tent for the protection of birds, you can hear the screech and chatter of a lot of parrots inside. The most striking was the large Green-Winged Macaw, perching on the arm of Ka Hjh Aini of Parrot Kingdom, eating a piece of keropok lekor.

#4 Birds of Prey

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

On the opposing side, the Brunei Falconry Association opens their ‘Birds of Prey’ to the public. Featuring mainly various types of mighty eagles and owls, they all perched grandly, yet alert for any hint of prey. However, the cutest and the most non-threatening of them all are the pair of Barn Owls, who danced to the beat of the music. Just remember in all their adorableness, they’re called Birds of Prey for a reason.

It’s not just an event for the petrolheads out here, but it caters to the interest of the general public too. It was a lot of fun packed into one place and three days. Bad news is, the event has passed. But the good news is, they plan to bring it back next year! With more exciting activities, make sure you keep an eye out!