Brace yourself and prepare to be mesmerised and dazzled by the unique performances made by the local and international artists.

For the first time ever, the Royal Circus Mania has landed in Brunei.

“We want to support the country by bringing in the tourists to Brunei – in such a way by telling the others that Brunei is a fun country” sid Dionysius Brandon Wee on bringing the circus to Brunei.

The two-hour show will feature various breathtaking performances such as LED dances and magicians.

“We are proud to say that some of the performers are local – diffusing the stigma that Brunei is intolerant to any form of entertainment – not at all, Brunei is indeed a friendly country” added Dionysius.

Sutera caught up with one of the LED and Fire dance performers from The Philippines, Marah Sanchez Bognot on her expectations from the circus show.

“All the performers will do their best to give the public a great show for the first circus show after more than a decade since it’s last and I hope the audience will have a spectacular show from us at the Royal Circus Mania” said Marah.

Spectators can get their tickets at the National Indoor Stadium on the day of the performance priced at $19.80, $24.80 and $34.80 respectively or a special early bird price that ends on 19th July 2018 at $16.80, $22.80 and $32.80 at No.8, Spg 8, Jalan Mata-Mata (Follow the road signs).

The Circus Mania Tour is authorised by the Ministry of Home Affairs, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and Brunei Tourism.