According to the 2016 Global Nutrition Report, Brunei Darussalam is the ranked highest in obesity among adults between ASEAN countries with over 47% of Bruneian categorize as obese or overweight. Obesity is a serious term which could lead to other health issues such as diabetes. Ever since then, people now are more aware and there has been a significant increase towards fitness activities such as participating runs, joining in the healthy living programmes, boot camps and Bandar Ku Ceria which is conducted that every Sunday at the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. These are just some of the ways to combat the obesity in Brunei.

However, losing weight and maintaining our body weight is not an easy route. So, here are some tips for people trying to lose weight:

1)  We are what we eat. To start off with losing weight, start changing your diet and include more healthy ingredients such as vegetables and fruits, or transiting to whole grains from white bread, steamed food from fried food, or honey from artificial sugar.

2)  Be more active. Join in a gym or fitness class, or if nature is your way, go out for a jog at the park after work or school. You do not need to spend hours on it, spend at least 15 to 30 minutes of your 24 hours to help you sweat it off. If time is not in your way, opt for the stairs instead of the lift, park further away from the entrance. Anything that makes you move.  

3)  Check your food portion. Checking the amount of food we eat each can help us realize that what we eat is causing the weight gain. Remember that your exercises will be useless if you do not control what you eat.

4)  Have a friend to help motivate you through the process. Sometimes, we all need a little push to do something, especially on things we do not like. Motivate each other and reach for a healthier lifestyle together. You will be surprise with the difference it does!

These are just some beginner tips to help you, but at the end of the day, it all will come down to ourselves. Healthy living will not only help you lose weight, but rather diverting yourself to a healthier lifestyle. These small changes we make in our life will create a great impact to our mental health as well.

Do not give up. We have to keep motivating ourselves through this journey and continue to keep up with this healthy habit. Hopefully, we, the people, can help make Brunei a healthier country.

In an effort to create a healthy habit in the our office, we at Sutera Media created a program called The Biggest Loser Challenge. Challenging those who need to lose and those who need to gain, for the next three month, so we could start off the new year with a whole new healthy self.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay