Previously, we’ve taken a look into Jaspar Yu, a Bruneian Olympian who went on to represent the country at the Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro 2016. Moving away from the sports scene, this time we dive into the world of tech as we get to know more about Saufi Jamahat. He is well-known for being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DotRoot Technologies, a company that provides website and applications development services in Brunei.

Saufi’s story started back in the year of 2013. After concluding his final year presentation, a group of local companies approached him with an interesting idea of developing Wadihah Haji, an application that focuses on delivering information about Haji and Umrah. Witnessing the incredible work placed into the app, the companies were convinced that Saufi has more potential than what he thought of himself. Driven with this motivation, the app developer and a group of his friends created Foodfuel.

“We wanted to do something about the food and beverage services in Brunei, hence why we came up with a food ordering application. It was the very first application that the team built with the hopes of catering to the people’s needs and simplifying the process of ordering food online,” said Saufi Jamahat in an interview with Sutera.

At the time, there were only six people involved in the ideation of Foodfuel which inevitably led to the birth of DotRoot Technologies. Today, the company is involved in creating applications and websites that assists the public, thus having the government and non-government agencies across the Sultanate to be their main clients. This includes the Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department with their Brunei WX application and the Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam in realizing the Brunei Darussalam Islamic Finance application.

To date, their most successful application has to be the QueUP catered to the Immigration Department of Brunei Darussalam. The application aims to ease the queuing traffic and waiting hours by enabling a booking system within the program.

“As of now, there are over 20,000 downloads for the application and is one of the most successful product thus far. It garnered plenty of good feedback from the public. It is incredibly satisfying to see people starting to use the program, and actually booking their queue for the immigration instead of lining up at the counter for a ticket,” highlighted the CEO on QueUP’s success.

For Saufi, he sees limitless potential in his team in building more renowned applications that will help the country as we move forward into the new age of Industrial 4.0. With the team’s dedication and passion towards the company, it kept a constant motivation stream flowing for Saufi as they work harder to continue developing apps to serve the country better.

“As for motivation goes, building something with the talents present in the team that amounts up to being a contribution to the country is more than enough. Like QueUP, applications like these could help the people, and that is all we want to achieve!” Saufi mentioned regarding the motivation factor.

As a final remark, Saufi wishes that the company will continue to grow and hope that they can be the leading development house of Brunei. This in turn, will help to give a positive influence to the economy landscape of the country.

“Looking at our products and experiences gained, we have the potential to be the top I.T. developer in the country. With the right partners and mentor, I hope that we can expand to the other Southeast regions like Malaysia and Indonesia,” he concluded.

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