Cuckoo Brunei has recently launched the Queen Stand, Cuckoo’s latest home appliance that aims to cater to the demands of water purifiers with a larger tank capacity – especially in commercial areas.

Wong Kim Guan, the Managing Director of Cuckoo Brunei, said the item is fitting to the large Bruneian household. “Compared to neighbouring countries where a household consists of up to six people, the average household in the country is closely-knitted and can have more than 10 people living under one roof – so this product is perfect for these situations,” said the Managing Director.

The Cuckoo Queen Stand is designed to fit the biggest stainless-steel water tank in a water purifier, measuring up to 14 litres, that accommodates large areas such as a big family, commercial centres and offices.

Similar to most of Cuckoo’s products, the Queen Stand is fitted with clever technologies made for the convenience of the consumer.

Some of the underscored features are the Water Level Indicator and Water Temperature Indicator. The Water Level Indicator informs its users of the amount of hot and cold water available in the tank, while the Water Temperature Indicator will update the users on the temperature of the water with the indicated colours. These technologies allow the product to stand out between other competitors.

Photo:Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

The new Queen Stand is on the local market now with the price of $1,700 inclusive of two years free Natural Care Service. Like other popular Cuckoo products, it will have its own ‘Rental To Own’ scheme that will be priced at $69 per month.

The water purifier is also available at Fitness Zone where the gym members will have access to Cuckoo’s clean, mild-alkaline drinking water.

For any further inquiries on the product, you can contact Cuckoo hotline at 233 3330 or visit Cuckoo Brunei website or their Facebook and Instagram page.