In conjunction with the official launch of Progresif Radio Application, the Tiny Lounge at Cultivate Bistro resonated with the sound of music from the live session held by Progresif Cellular on Monday, 13th November. Behind the strumming of guitars and mics are two local groups that were invited to perform at said session.

The first group consists of two friends, Michelle and Erwan in their band named, The Ellewan. The acoustic duo released their own song on the Progresif Album called ‘Living Out Today’, and aspire to create more singles in the future.

The second invited group was The Tropical Hornbills, a local indie rock band of four consisting of; vocalist, Matius Belayan, Andy Young who plays the bass, Alimin Juna as the lead guitarist and Akram D. Murad on the drums. Their released hit song ‘Masa’ is also popular on the Progresif Album.

Progresif Radio is an internet radio station in which people can tune in to the radio via a downloadable application. The application provides a livestream of the Radio and also an On-Demand playlist for those with a different interest. The unique feature of the application is the user’s ability to interact with the DJ during live shows by calling or text messaging. The function ‘Open Mic’ allows users to record a 10 second message to the radio station for a request or to send a message to other listeners.

Devin Edwards, the Chief Marketing Officer for Progresif Cellular mentioned, “The ability to interact with the DJs with ‘Open Mic’ function on the app is something quite special in the age of requesting songs. We’re looking to deliver not only live content but on-demand content, playlists, podcasts and a whole lot of other features that we have in development. We are definitely excited for the next 18 months ahead of us.”

Interested? Go download the app on iOS and Android now!