Lamin Warisan is an initiative to preserve the cultural heritage of the Tutong ethnic group. Built in 1956, it was originally the house of the former Penghulu Mukim of Tanjung Maya, the late Bendahari Haji Ghafar.

In 2012, the house was reopened as a museum and a gallery that features the history and heritage of Tutong district by the late Cikgu Haji Yahya.

Photo: Sutera/Amir Hazwan

We spoke with Nornaqibah Abdul Hamid, a fourth generation member of the Lamin Warisan family, and one of the people who helps preserves the place now. She mentioned that the objective of Lamin Warisan was to create as a place of historical heritage and a tourism destination for Tanjong Maya.

While visiting the place, people will be able to see the traditional architecture of the houses back then because according to Naqibah, while they renovated the house to make it more modern, the old features still remained intact.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

“The place is open for everyone to come and learn more about the Tutong culture or the history on Mukim Tanjong Maya. It is useful for people who are currently doing cultural research as we house old books about the village history and also classic photographs,” said Naqibah.

Visitors can find various vintage items from Tutong culture such as Saging, Tajau, Song Kayu and Celapa being displayed at the gallery. Upon request, visitors can also try traditional Brunei food such as Ambuyat and Kelupis.

Photo: Sutera/Amir Hazwan

“We also provide activities such as fishing, cultural dance, customs showcase, traditional games such as Batu Simban and Terompah Kelapa, in order for tourists to experience a sense of what it was like in the old days,” added Naqibah.

In the future, Lamin Warisan hopes that with the gallery, they are able to raise the standard of tourism in the district. With that, they are open to any organizations or people who want to collaborate with them and conduct events or activities in Lamin Warisan.

Photo: Sutera/Amir Hazwan

To visit the place, they need to contact the Lamin Warisan family beforehand. You can reach them through Instagram.

How to find the place: The place is about a 45-minute drive from Bandar Seri Begawan through the Muara-Tutong and Tutong-Telisai Highway. Make a left turn when you see a Tanjong Maya sign, and then drive straight ahead until you see the Lamin Warisan sign. For easier navigation, you can use Google Maps.