Sightseeing in this country never failed to amaze many of the patrons locally or internationally. Especially now with the amount of locations available for visitors to visit – from recreational parks to various shopping complexes, there is everything for anyone.

That being said, the quiet nation of Brunei is often well known for its vast amount of green pristine rainforest. There are also quite a number of beaches that are available for the members of the public.

  1. Berakas Beach

The beach is located inside the Berakas Forest Recreational park which is situated along the Muara-Tutong Highway. The beach is a popular hangout place for family and friends. Partly this is due to the facilities such as a playground for children, barbeque stands and huts for visitors to enjoy. If there are any difficulties to find the place, check it out on Google maps.

  1. Meragang Beach

This picturesque beach is popular among locals to come in the evening for its beautiful view of the sunset. Other than that, it is a convenient location for the patrons who are likely to drop by the marine biodiversity centre. The sandy beach is located near Jalan Meragang junction off the highway to Muara and also on maps.

  1. Tungku Beach

One of the most well-known sandy beaches in Brunei. Like many of the beaches in the Sultanate, this particular beach have facilities for the visitors to enjoy. Visitors can have a picnic with their family and friends, to go fishing, swim in the sea, rent an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and note that this beach is also a popular spot for surfers in Brunei. It is located along the Muara-Tutong Highway with a big sign saying ‘Pantai Tungku’ showing its location – you can’t miss it! Not only that, you can find the place on Google Maps.

  1. Seri Kenangan Beach

Located at the Tutong District, it is a local hotspot in the evening for the people living in the district. The beach is sometimes known as the unforgettable beach. Visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the sunset from the South China Sea. The beach is also a go-to place for the locals spend their Sundays on kite flying, ride a jetski as well as fishing. The beach is situated in Sengkarai Village, if there are any difficulties, check it out in Google maps.

  1. Tanjong Batu Beach

Perhap one of the newest beach in Brunei, Tanjong Batu is a popular site for many vendors selling food and drinks. You can also rent bicycles to capture the full ambiance of the beach. It has recently became a prominent place for fishing fanatics and photographers. This is due to the long stretch of man-made structure and seawall giving the location a stunning view of the ocean. It is located near Muara Beach and you can find it on Google Maps.

Those are only a few of the various interesting beaches available in the Sultanate. There are others such as Serasa Beach and Silver Jubilee Beach in Belait District. Each with unique sets of features that are available for the public to explore.

So pack your swimming gears and picnic baskets and explore the beaches in Brunei!

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