Eight members of the Association of Travel agent Borneo (ATAB) formed a consortium to launch the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) yesterday at the Brunei International Airport. The booth was endorsed by the Brunei Tourism Board and with the support from the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and Brunei Association of Hotel (BAH).

Anthony Tours, Darussalam Holdings, Hasa Incentives Sdn Bhd, Intrepid Travel, Mega Borneo, Panbright Travel, Poni Divers and Titian Travel will allow tours to be booked from the centre.

“We want to utilize this centre as a way to help the Brunei Tourism Board to achieve their 450000 tourist arrival goals by 2020. It is not just an information center but also help develop local tours in the country” said Leslie Chiang, the founder of Borneo Guide.

The information center will also act as a platform to allow small-medium enterprises (SMEs), Majlis Perundingan Kampong (MPK), homestay or public transportation services to showcase their packages to tourists as well as locals in Brunei.

“Upon their arrival at the airport, these tourists will only have to walk to the booth to find out the things to do in Brunei. Of course, we will be pushing to promote the packages from the other districts in Brunei such as – camping in Tutong, Longhouse and waterfall in Belait district” highlighted Chiang.

There will be a website platform for all the services that will be included in the TIC allowing local and non-locals to buy tour packages from the center. 

“According to DCA, there are at least four to five thousand visitors to the airport and about 800 people transit from Brunei daily. 

“These are the potential customers for the TIC and we should use this as an opportunity as part of the Kenali Negara Kitani (KNK) initiative by taking these tourists around the country,” Chiang concluded.

The centre is open daily from 9am to 6pm and it will be available at the arrival hall of the Brunei International Airport.