The formation of the BruHaha Comedy group has managed to grab the public’s attention and introduced a more Bruneian touch to the scene. Their latest show was a hit, with 700 seats being sold out, marking it as their biggest success so far. With sold-out shows and good reviews from members of the public, now they also conducted workshops to introduce people to the world of stand-up comedy. 

Enters Najib Ja’afri, who while new to the field, had joined the team of local comedians through their workshops. His interest in stand-up comedy started from watching shows like Raja Lawak and Maharaja Lawak, which is a popular Malaysian TV show. When he heard about BruHaha Comedy, not being one to miss the chance, he started attending their shows and workshops.

“After learning about BruHaha, I joined their one month workshop in early 2018, where I learn from the basics of doing stand-up comedy to structures on telling jokes to people. This is a life-changing experience for me,” said Najib.

What sealed his career as a comedian for BruHaha was his performance at the graduation show at the end of the workshop. With the encouragingly positive feedback he received, in 2018 he became a part of BruHaha Comedy Brunei. 

Now as a member of BruHaha, Malaysian comedians such as Sepahtu and Johan become his sources of inspiration, allowing him to crack jokes made up of pickup lines and his everyday life stories. The more positive the responses he received, the more he aspires to create epic moments for his spectators.

However, while stand-up comedy is growing in popularity in Brunei, at the same time, “stand-up comedy” is still an unfamiliar term to the majority of the people, posing a challenge to comedians. Thus, to help bridge the gap between stand-up comedy and locals, BruHaha plans to bring their comedy to the four districts of the Sultanate. Aided with the power of social media, their tour aims to promote their shows together with the understanding of stand-up comedy. 

“I think for people who want to start doing stand-up comedy, firstly, they should try to come to our shows and check out the way we create jokes and learn from it. Another thing is to join our workshop or try out for the auditions. Who knows, you can be one of BruHaha performers,” Najib advised.

At the end of the day, the goal of stand-up comedy is to make people laugh. Receiving favourable reviews from his audience, he hopes to bring more remarkable and funny moments to the scene that will remain and be cherished in people’s memories.