Brunei widely known for its natural beauty and pristine rainforests. However, there are a lot of hidden gems, among them are stunning waterfalls and one of them is the Bedanu Waterfall in Wasai (waterfall) Bedanu Recreational Park.

Wasai Bedanu is a great place to bring your family and friends along for a swim near the waterfall and the place is surrounded by dense, beautiful rainforest. The park is one of places promoted by the Kiudang village in Tutong District under the ‘One Village One Product’ themes.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO THERE!: Like most of the Wasais in Brunei, There are fascinating legends and origins connected to each of these wasais, and generally where the waterfalls get their names.


According to old tales, Bedanu Waterfall was once used as a place of hermitage due to it secluded location from the villages. While Wasai means Waterfall in Malay Language, Bedanu was a short nick-name of a woman named Dang Anu.

It was said that Dang Anu was a beautiful lady heavily pursued by men. The wives of the men became jealous of Dang Anu’s beauty and conspired that lead to her assassination by drowning her in the waterfall. Her parents who, at the time were resting around the area eventually found out and were devastated of the young woman’s fate.

A short time later, Dang Anu was said to arise from the waterfall with a face resembling of an angel from heaven. Nowadays, the natural beauty of the waterfall would give many visitors the impression of the story was more than just a legend.

HOW TO GET THERE: The Park is located 6.4km from Kampong Mungkom and about a 1 hour drive from the capital. The road itself is difficult for a normal car to get through so it is recommended to use a four wheel drive car to get there. The waterfall can be found on Google Maps

EXTRA TIPS!: It is recommended to come to the park in the morning due to its isolated location and the difficulty of getting to the place. Visitors are advised to come well-prepared and to not go alone.

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