Banks are open six days a week, on Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm and on Saturday, from 9am to 11am. Some banks have branches with later closing times. ATMs are widespread throughout commercial areas and can be found attached to banks, shopping centres, and supermarkets. ATM cards affiliated with the international Plus or Cirrus systems are accepted at most ATMs.

Credit cards 

Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants and major shopping complexes. American Express is accepted in few establishments.  

Lost/ stolen passports and credit cards 

If you ever find your passport missing, go to the nearest police station to lodge a police report and inform your embassy to seek further assistance. If you lose your credit cards, make sure you call your bank to cancel the cards immediately.

Money changers

Money changers are available at the airport, hotels, shopping complexes and in commercial areas.To cash or exchange travelers cheques, visit major international banks in the capital.

Money remittance/transfer 

Transferring money overseas can be done at all major banks or remittance agencies in Brunei.