In the previous episode, we challenged the team to take a guess on the ‘Malay Idioms’. So in this episode, we are continuing the theme of getting to know more about the local language by showcasing ‘Kata Ganda’ or Reduplication in English. 

First what is reduplication? Reduplication is a word formatting process in which the whole word or part of the word is repeated. This may change the meaning of the whole word, or alter the usage of the word in sentences. Examples for reduplication in the English language are ‘Bye-Bye’ or ‘double-trouble’. 

In the Malay language, it is generally the same as the English language variant- where is it used to express of many grammatical functions. We invited three guests – Hafizul, Bob and Amirul to test their knowledge on guessing the reduplication.

Below are the ‘Kata Ganda’ featured in the episode:

  1. Tunggang-Langgang
  • A confused mess
  1. Gundah-Gulana
  • A feeling of sadness and lethargic
  1. Geli-geleman
  • Feeling disgusted
  1. Guring-Limpang
  • Working hard at the job
  1. Lakap-Lagur
  • A loud knocking noises

These are just some of the reduplication that are available in the Malay Language. There are others such as Kacau-Bilau and Hilang-Bilang. These ‘kata ganda’ words are often used to further explain the meaning of the word as well as to spice up a person’s vocabulary.

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