In our last episode on Kitani Cuba, we put the team to the test to guess the ‘Kata Ganda’ or Reduplication in English. In this episode, we are going to guess the names of antiques or items that were used in the past.

Have you ever wondered of the vintage looking items on display on the shelves whenever you visit your grandparents’ place? You may wonder what are the names of the artifacts are or what it was used for. These items are considered as these relics were used daily by the older generations in the Malay culture decades ago.

This time around, we invited our special guests, Kay, Elina and Fiqah to try and guess these antiques.

Below are some of the objects talked about in the episode:

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1.Bakul Anyaman/Weaved Basket

  • Used to carry fruits, vegetables and paddy.

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2. Gantang

  • Large brass container used to measure rice.

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3. Lembing

  • An old weapon similar to a spear that is made of brass or wood.

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  • Musical percussion instrument made of brass.

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5. Tikar/ weaved carpet.

  • A carpet made of  wood similar to Bakul Anyaman

6. Tombak

  • An old malay weapon thats also similar to the Lembing

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7. Serunai

  • An old traditional flute used by Minangkabau people of Indonesia.

These are just some of the items that are kind of forgotten by the younger generations. However, some of these objects are still being used in the rural areas and very often these items are modernised to fit the flow of time, such as the Bakul and Tikar. There are other items such as the brass iron or the Keris. It is crucial to understand these traditional or old items of our ancestors so that it doesn’t get forgotten and lost by time.

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