On every 31st May, the Royal Brunei Armed forces (RBAF) celebrates its anniversary. This year marks it’s 57th year of its formation.

A bit of a background to the RBAF’s history where on 31st May 1961, the ‘ASKAR MELAYU BRUNEI’ or ‘BRUNEI MALAY REGIMENT’ was formed and at the time the regiment was also officially honoured with the Royal title; known as Royal Brunei Malay Regiment. When Brunei Darussalam gained its independence on 1st January 1984, the armed forces were then renamed to Royal Brunei Armed Forces.

Just like Memorial Day for the United States of America, the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day has its significance to honour the brave protectors of our country.

The main purpose of an army – for any country is to protect its civilians from any foreign attacks and with a solid, dependable military, the better national defence will be. In Brunei, the armed forces often assist to deal in the occurrence of natural disasters, on top of their mission of protecting the Sultanate. Since its formation in 1961, the army has maintained a peaceful and successful military base in Brunei.

Being a soldier itself is not easy, there is an immense amount of effort in training and protecting the country, as well as the sacrifice of trying to protect the nation at the risk their own lives to serve the country. We may not know what they have left behind just to do their job – a father who leaves his children to grow up with his presence or a woman who may have to compromise their biological obligations just to keep up with the military pace. Thus celebrating the army anniversary in the country is important to show the nation’s appreciation to our heroes.

A tribute to our military, our veterans and even to their fallen comrades, We at Sutera would like to wish the Royal Brunei Armed Forces a happy 57th anniversary!