In an islamic context, Hijrah talks about Prophet Muhammad S.A.W migration from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD. Hijrah is the process of moving but in literal terms, Hijrah means the process of moving, either physically or spiritually. It is commonly referred as hijrah when people convert to Islam.

We at Sutera, managed to get an exclusive interview with Adam Rayyand bin Rosland,  a muslim convert in Brunei to get an insight on his hijrah and what islam meant to him.

Born as an atheist, Rayyand was not introduced to the concept of religion until he was primary 3, where his teacher talked with him about why he should not do the islamic greeting because he was a non-muslim.

“When we were in primary school, it was respectful to stand up, greet and give salaam to the teacher but one day, my teacher said to me to not give salaam” said Adam Rayyand about the incident with his tutor.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

The incident caused Rayyand to be curious and started to search and learn more about religion and what it is about.

During high school, Rayyand became interested in Islam due to one dream.

“I was playing football with my friends during the afternoon, when all of the sudden in this dream the sky ripped apart and you can see the galaxy and planets in the sky –  slowly I saw fire around me and I started to panic. All of the sudden I could not see my family and friends anywhere – like they were lost in the fire, so I ran and broke into my neighbour house. I started to search for something and I found the Quran, I picked it up and hugged it” mentioned Rayyand about the dream.

After the dream, Rayyand started to cry and asking what does that mean. This lead to him learning more about Islam and what does the Quran book actually means.

In 2016, he told his father that he wanted to convert to Islam. Which eventually his father agreed, then he and his brother converted to Islam. Before he converted to Islam, Rayyand learned more about Islam in University Brunei Darussalam by joining clubs such as the Muslim youth club and also joining youth clubs in the mosque. During university was also when he started to fell in love with Islam and started to embrace it fully.

“Its more about trying to get used to the prayer times, as in, during the early stages, I kept on missing subuh, mixing up the prayer times and delaying the prayer. Eventually, I got the hang of it and started regularly doing the prayers correctly” said Rayyand, when talking about some the challenges after converting to Islam.

“When I was given the first translation of the Quran, that is when things started to change for me because I started to understand the meaning and  learn to have better morals such as being good towards the family – trying my best to be a better person.” highlighted Rayyand about how his life changed after the conversion.

Photo: Sutera/ Safwan Sulaiman

Rayyand stated that he felt free like he wanted this since forever and also at peace and generally been a happy person since saying the syahadah.

“My advice is that, if you are thinking about converting, just go ahead and be prepared for a road filled with thorns because in the Quran, Allah said, how do you know if you are devoted to Him without any challenges, it is another level hardship and be prepared in terms of patience and your devotion to Allah and Islam is a religion filled with peace, if you want to convert, start learning about Islam, read and understand the Quran as it really helps you to find peace” advice Rayyand to people who want to embrace Islam.

Photo courtesy of Rayyand