It seems that art galleries and exhibitions are not just limited to paintings, canvases, and installations, but since the 2000s, Mahkota Crystal Sdn Bhd along with their talented artisans; Razali bin Hj Emran, Haji Najri bin Haji Saban, Noorazlin bin Hj Garif, and now with their two new assistant blowers, have been creatively making meticulously handcrafted glass crystals.

Due to their uniqueness and individuality, they are perfect for collections as well as gifts – with varying designs such as water drops, pitcher plants, hornbills to sea creatures, each of their pieces is a work of art.

Yesterday afternoon, with the aid of Kaleidoscope Studio, Mahkota Crystal successfully launched their limited-edition product during a private viewing that unveils the Mahkota Oudh.

A product formed by the collaboration between the only glass blowing producer in Brunei, Mahkota Crystal Sdn Bhd and Brunei’s leading perfume company, Golden Aswad Aroma Enterprise, the premium perfume was both a beauty to look at and pleasant to breathe in. With the Keris coloured in black and royal blue with traces of gold leaves as the perfume topper, it conveys the level of sophistication and skill of our local artisans. Limited to only 100 pieces, each of these hundred is made by the very hands of Brunei’s talented, certified, internationally recognised glass blowing artisans. 

During the event, the Guest of Honour Yang Mulia Dato Seri Paduka Dr. Awang Haji Abdul Manaf bin Haji Metussin, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Finance & Economy (Economy) underlines his hopes for the future that Mahkota Crystal will tap into the potential of e-commerce, and emerge itself into the international market to be exposed to bigger and wider opportunities. 

Similarly, during the welcoming speech by the General Manager Yang Mulia Pg Hj Sharifuddin bin Pg Hj Bakar, he highlighted how their newly revamped website now allows customers to easily view the artistic products up for sale, signalling perhaps the entrance of Mahkota Crystal into e-commerce.

The event also allowed guests to witness glass blowing demonstrations, where blobs of red hot glass were transformed into superb swans, fish, and snail in mere minutes. Another set of artisans were working on a bowl, twirling them high in the air before bringing it back down allowing the glass to flare at the edges, wavy as it cools. The temperature may be hot, but the experience was worth it. 

On a much cooler side of the room was the newly-introduced glass fusing workshop. Those not participating in the workshop may turn their eyes to the “Cold Area”, where finished products are put on display, either cooling or drying after being polished.

The limited-edition Mahkota Oudh is available today during the Mahkota Fair. During the fair, visitors will be able to participate in the glass fusing workshop, view glass blowing demonstrations by the very same artisans, check out perfumes by Oudh Al Aswad, see reptile shows, and more. 

There will be marvellous selections of food and drinks by local vendors such as Rumah Gelato, Chocolate Origin, Dil Coffee Trail and more – so drop by and join in the fun at the Mahkota Fair today from 10.00am to 6.00pm at Mahkota Crystal Sdn Bhd, Tapak Perindustrian Lambak Kanan, Berakas.

Each made truly and especially for you, no two items are produced the same, yet each of them exudes excellence, quality, and uniqueness. The combination of traditional artistry and modern concept, it is as the General Manager proclaims, “the perfect product for you.”