Graduates take up opportunity in F&B industry

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Tarindak Ungkayah Graduan was established in an effort to enable the youth in Brunei Darussalam to earn a living and subsequently help to build up the economy by setting an example to others. The eatery is managed by 16 graduates from different fields and universities, all of whom were specially selected through a strict recruitment process.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

“After being shortlisted, we were sent for training on the various aspects of the culinary and hospitality management field,” said Nurul Azyani Rudy Sahardey, one of the graduates operating the restaurant.

The graduates went through a full-blown training from handling food, beverages and their hygiene; preparing various kinds of banquets; and practical trainings at Tarindak D’Polo Restaurant in Jerudong.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

With this training, it allowed the graduates to learn about the industry swiftly and prepare them for the operation of the new restaurant.

The restaurant is located at the departure hall of Brunei International Airport and took about two months to be completed. The interior of the space carries many Bruneian elements, such as the jong sarat designed countertop and tudung saji inspired lighting.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

The dishes in the menu are designed with an influence of Asian and Western styled dishes – available at a reasonable price. This menu may evolve over time, incorporating different dishes as they go along.

Since each graduate are mostly from different backgrounds, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a new challenge for them to manage a restaurant by themselves.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

“It is a new experience for all of us and we want to try out other areas that is not from our own courses. With the current state of unemployment in Brunei, we cannot afford to choose the jobs that we want because it will not be given to you,” said Nur Amalina Farhana Mohd Hamri.

With the opening of the restaurant, the graduates hope to be role models for the youth so that they will be able to showcase their talents by trying something different.

“I hope this restaurant will get good reviews from the public and support as it is something out of our comfort zone,” said Nur Amalina.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

Tarindak Ungkayah Graduan is open daily from 7.00 am to 12.00 midnight, while on Friday it is closed from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm to honour the Friday prayers.

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