Brunei is one of the South East-Asian countries well known for its inexpensive food places from the various restaurants to the hawker centres such as Pasar Malam Gadong. One of the most famous places to go to for the local delicacies as well as traditional handicrafts is the Sumbangsih Mulia Complex.

The venue is located inside the Beribi Industrial Area and about five kilometers from the heart of the capital. The place is divided into two areas, the outside food area and the indoor handicraft centre. The hawker centre is equipped with facilities such as dining area for the costumers who would like to enjoy their food on the spot. The stalls at the place sells several types of food ranging from the traditional malay foods such as the ‘celurut’ and colourful ‘apam’ to appetizing dishes such as the ever popular soto (noodle soup with beef or chicken broth and vegetables) and the various types of ‘nasi katok’. On some days, there will be local fruits such as the durian (especially on their peak season) and rambutans sold the hawkers at the complex. 

The second area is an air-conditioned room with two floors that sells the handicrafts .This ranges from songkok (Malay guys traditional headwear), various designs of handwoven sinjang (short-sarong worn with Baju Melayu) to village products such anyaman (weaving) and silverworks locally made by the Bruneians.

The complex is open daily from 6 o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the afternoon.

HOW TO FIND THE PLACE: Located inside the Beribi industrial area, it is near the Beribi Baiduri Branch and in front of the building there is a sign saying Sumbangsih Mulia Complex. If there is any difficulty in finding the place, you can find it in Google Maps

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