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In conjunction with the Brunei December Festival 2017, from the 8th of December till 14th of January, the Anjung Saujana Restaurant is offering up a different kind of experience to the Bruneian taste buds – authentic Malaysian cuisine. Organized by the Royal Brunei Catering in association with Malaysian tourism, the annual Malaysia Food festival held at the restaurant gives locals a chance to indulge in original and classic Malaysian dishes.

For starters, they have a variety of served appetizers like the Roti Canai with spicy curry; the hot and sweet ‘Otak-Otak’; and of course the ever so popular ‘Satay’, a must-have hawker food in Malaysia. This leads to the main course which will excite your palate with a whirlwind of flavors starting from the truly delicious ‘Ayam Percik’, the sweetness of ‘Mee Rebus’ and the unique ‘Nasi Briyani Gam Johor’.

There are also an abundance of desserts to choose from as a great way to end their meal. The desserts are comprised of Malaysian Kueh and traditional dishes such as the ‘Roti Malaya’; the sticky rice, ‘Pulut Kuning’; the classic Kueh Seri Muka; and Kueh ‘Ang Koo’, these are only some of the more intriguing confections at the festival. Ice cream can also be found served at the food fest, making it a way to soothe your throat from all the tasting you’ve done.

The unique factor of the festival is that the food provided comes from the different states of Malaysia. Dishes like Laksa Johor or the Nasi Lemak Kampong Baru, allows people to try the different aspects of Malaysian cooking all in one sitting. There couldn’t be any better chance for the Bruneian visitors to satisfy their Malaysian food cravings than at the Malaysia Food Festival!

For interested customers, the restaurant caters a dinner buffet and a hi-tea buffet throughout the event period. The dinner buffet is open every Friday and Saturday from 7.00pm to 10.00pm; they are priced at $28.00 for adults and $16.00 per child. The hi-tea buffet is only available on Sundays at 2.30pm to 5.00pm; they are priced at $16.90 per adult and $10.90 per child.

For reservations, call Anjung Saujana Restaurant at 2331853 or contact them through their Instagram

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