Since its establishment, FashionValet has made online shopping for quality garments a breeze, especially with its door-to-door delivery. Although for the third time in Brunei, the region’s premier online destination for Asian brands held its pop-up event at The Empire Hotel and Country Club to give people a headstart at their raya shopping.

According to Nadia Norzuhdy, General Manager of FashionValet, the event has evolved since they started three years ago. This year, the company had brought with them over 25 popular brands from Malaysia such as Mel and Molly, Mimpi Kita and Locka.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

Also, for the first time ever after endless requests by Bruneians, FashionValet decided to bring in WOO/FIZIWOO, which was showcased at the event.

“WOO/FIZIWOO is a prominent brand in the fashion industry and have garnered a lot of attention in Brunei. Our customers were over the moon that we brought the brand to the pop-up event, as the brand hardly restock after being sold. They were also able to try the apparel on and check out the material and quality,” said Nadia.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

Nadia said that they brought FashionValet to Brunei again to help people get into the raya vibe. Besides that, the analytic data has proven that a substantial amount of orders come from Brunei. With the help of Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) and their Catalyst programme, they were able to mentor local brands such as MukaKu Cosmetics and Mumtaz Collection and invited them to be part of the event.

Aleeya Jane, Founder of Aleeya Jane Beauty and one of the collaborators with MukaKu Cosmetics said that they were grateful to be invited to the event as it had helped them to exposed their locally handmade cosmetics and educate customers on what is natural and organic on their products.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

The local brands hopes to be able to get their products on the FashionValet website in the near future, and through the BIBD Catalyst programme, it will help to streamline the process and help achieve the target needed to get into their website.

When asked about their future plans in Brunei, Nadia explained that while there are no plans to open a store in Brunei due to the ease of online shopping, however pop-up events will continue to be held here, especially closer to the raya season.

Photo: Sutera/Safwan Sulaiman

Through events like this, FashionValet customers can try out the products before purchasing and get their shopping done even before Ramadhan starts. Those who missed out on the event can still purchase the items on their website.

For future updates on Fashion Valet pop-up events, check out their Instagram and Facebook.