As a picturesque centre by the sides of the Tungku Highway, the Rimba Garden Central is fast becoming a go-to place for many gardening enthusiasts out there. The centre showcases a plethora of plants and flora that are not only grown locally, but also internationally. It is definitely the one-stop place to cater to your gardening needs.

Showcasing beautiful flowers is not the only selling point of the centre. During the afternoons, families often bring their children for a walk around the floral haven. At the same time, they can learn a lot of interesting facts about the plants growing as well as  the centre. Furthermore, the location also provides facilities such as a greenhouse and an open area. The open picnic area is especially popular to visitors as they can bask in the serenity brought upon by the plentiful fragrant flowers.

Apart from garden and nature lovers, the place also boasts fantastic sceneries for photographers! Often enough, the clients can be seen dragging them along to take the best photos that truly captures the luscious greenery aspect of the Sultanate.

FUN TIP: As like every new scenic location popping up in Brunei, the centre will definitely see an influx of visitors during the weekends. Hence, it’s suggested to visit the place in the late afternoons on the weekdays if you are looking for a quiet breather.

The Rimba Central Garden opens daily from 8pm to 6pm. However, there will be a short break during the Friday prayers between the times of 12pm to 2pm. For everyone, don’t miss out the chance to have a look at the centre!

HOW TO GET THERE: The garden centre is pretty hard to miss as it’s just located at the side of the Tungku Highway and near the Tungku Police Station. As a last resort, you can try looking the place up on Google Maps.