Projek Assalamualaikum held their second school outreach programme at Awang Semaun Secondary School on 18th September 2018 attended by 130 students.  Six Participants from the Young Executive Programme Cohort 3 (YEP-3) created Projek Assalamualaikum as an ongoing effort on addressing the issues of bullying at schools.

The theme of the program is “Be A Buddy, Not A Bully” highlighted the action to cultivating a culture of compassion, positivity and peace towards achieving zero bullying at school. The programme also aims to educated teachers, parents and students in establishing a whole school approach to fight the issue of bullying.

“Our objectives to ultimately help the teachers, students and parents to understand the different types of bullying and how to handle the bullying in schools, so that people know that it is not only the government effort to handle this issue but also the public because bullying does not only occurs in schools but also in other places.” Said Pg Salimatul Sa’ada binti Pg Mohd Saleh. the project leader for Projek Assalamualaikum

Other than the school outreach programme, there are Instagram video competition with over 25 entries that can be seen on the project Instagram page.

“Bullying is a big issue in schools until there are some students that refuse to attend school or even fight with other students and even suspension from school. This could stutter their education progress – this is why it is important to address the topic of bullying in schools” added Pg Salimatul Sa’ada about the importance of the project.

Projek Assalamualaikum is hoping that the mission will be carried forward years from now and gain supports from the public especially youth and other agencies in the country.