After showcasing her artwork at Art Vision earlier this year, Nazurah Usop started receiving more opportunities to join art exhibitions locally as well as regionally.

Nazurah was given the chance to meet and network with Malaysian artists at the Borneo Arts Festival in Labuan recently, where she represented Brunei. “Given how ridiculously shy I can get when talking to strangers, I thought this was an achievement, especially to learn different approaches of art from them,” she exclaimed.

Source: Nazurah Usop

The whimsical doodle artist currently has a scroll on display, which at the moment is 37 feet long, at Creative Space for the EMERGE VI: Warisan art exhibition that will run until the end of the month. The scroll was originally a roll of thermal fax paper that Nazurah found in her office’s old storage, which she stopped her colleagues from throwing away.

“I’ve been drawing on it since 2014, and it is a never-ending work in progress that has captured the different aspects of my creative journey. It serves as an outlet to keep my creative juices flowing,” she said.

Nazurah gets her inspiration from the different types of music she listens to, the buildings and cityscapes in her travels, and her love for flora and fauna. She is a self-taught artist and insists that besides inspiration, it is crucial to have passion when creating art.

Source: Nazurah Usop

“I do agree to some extent that you need to feel inspired to do art, because I do believe that anyone can draw. However, in order for someone to be inspired, they need to know and understand the aspects of it, and from my own point of view, the most important discipline in wanting to create art is passion.”

The 30 year-old aims to pursue her art full-time in the future, but at the moment she juggles her time between her day job and time off. Her advice for those who are starting out is to do it for the passion and to put yourself out there with a whole lot of effort and positivity.

Photo: Sutera/Nasrullah Adanan

Besides Creative Space, she also currently has a few pieces of art hanging at Two Sons Coffee in Kiulap that are for sale ranging from between BND25 to BND100. You can follow her work on Instagram by following @doodlesandcolors, where she also posts events and art classes that she is conducting.