Every year on the 12th of Rabiulawal we celebrate the Maulidur Rasul, or more commonly referred to as Maulud Nabi, the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This year saw no exception.

Did you know that the Balai Khazanah Islam SHHB houses treasures pertaining to the Prophet (pbuh)? During their last exhibition, we were graced with items full of historical significance, including a whole gallery dedicated for khazanah pertaining to the Prophet (pbuh). Here are a few of the highlights from it:

#1 The Noble Hair of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Within the walls of the third gallery, there lies a small room dedicated entirely to the noble hair of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In the middle of a guarded room, it sits in a glass case with magnifying glasses allowing visitors to view it clearly.


#2 Casted footprint and a piece from the Prophet’s (pbuh) Burdah

Among the treasures of the gallery, you will also find a casted footprint of the Prophet (pbuh), his cabal (sandals), and a piece from the burdah (mantle) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


#3 Replicas of Prophet Muhammad SAW’s weaponry

Aside from that, the gallery also contains within itself replicas of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) choice weapons. For instance, two of the famous swords of the Prophet (pbuh): Al-Battar the legendary battle-worn sword and the jewelled Al-Ma’thur, which came to him as a part of his inheritance from his father.


There is much to the history of the noble hair of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as well as other personal items belonging to him. All of them contain their own blessings. It is with the hope of the nation that by housing the noble hair of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we will in turn be granted blessings from Allah SWT.