Art exhibition portrays close bond between His Majesty and his people

In Raja Julangan Kasih Rakyat, Huifong Ng wishes to illustrate more than the visuals of the touristic wonders that Brunei has to offer. “I feel that it is also very important to share with them that we, the people of Brunei Darussalam, have also had the privilege to enjoy a beautiful and symbiotic relation with our caring monarch over the past decades.”

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Artists urged to find their own creative identity

The EMERGE series is unique because it only features local artists, and simultaneously recognises contemporary artists in Brunei. There is currently no existing archive of the artists in Brunei who are practicing and those who are making sales, so Creative Space wishes to compile a catalogue of artists who are making a breakthrough in the art industry.

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How different cultures celebrate Maulud Nabi

The uniqueness of the celebration is that, every culture have its own way to celebrate. While most of the culture will be celebrating with a grand procession on the streets, there are subtle differences such as in their devotional songs, hymns and even dance. An obvious difference is the food – in any celebration, food is a big part of the occasion.

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