In the digital ecosystem, an interdependent group of companies or people share standardise digital platforms for a mutually beneficial purposes. In Brunei, the digital ecosystem is still small when compared to other countries.

Last weekend, Recap Sdn Bhd and Lyfe Media Sdn Bhd hosted the first-ever Brunei Digital Ecosystem Summit at The Makerspace at Jalan Pasir Berakas. During the event, they featured panel discussions and keynotes from local and international speakers that are prominent individuals in their respective industries.

Photo:Sutera/Amir Hazwan

The event held three panel discussions, where the first topic was How The Government Can Assist Entrepreneurs To Improve The National Ecosystem that included a distinguished panel like Javed Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer of Darussalam Enterprise and Sonny Sudaryana, Director at the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, Indonesia. During this panel, it was discussed that the government needs to be involved in building up the national ecosystem as proven by the success of Indonesia’s national ecosystem, furthermore startups themselves should show some innovation that will help the government shift from being a service provider to a collaborator.

The second discussion was on How To Maintain Good Deal Flow In A Tiny Ecosystem, which featured panels such as Lim Kuo-Yi, Managing Partner at Monk’s Hill Ventures, Noorsurainah Tengah, Head of Absolute Return at Brunei Investment Agency and Rafiuddin Ghazali, VP of Investment at SBI (B) Sdn Bhd. The discussion mentioned that investors and venture capitalists have become a door-opener for startups that they invested in, but the opportunities that investors give them should not be relied on and instead be a booster for the startup to rise up.

Photo: Sutera/Amir Hazwan

The last panel discussed the topic of How Founders Can Grow their Company Regionally, which was panelled by Paul Hadjy of Horangi Cyber Security and Devin Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer at Progresif Cellular. Paul Hadjy shared insights on how they grow their company regionally. They also mentioned how they created strategies for developing their companies. One of which is by investing in the people rather than just for their ideas and skills, that helped companies to grow further.

Other than that, there were individual keynotes by Sonny Sudaryana on Growing the Digital Ecosystem in Indonesia, and Devin Edwards, who talked about the Evolution of the Telco: From unseen commodity to in-demand digital platform. During this talk, he mentioned that Progresif Cellular have accumulated a large amount of data from their application users and they hope that more startups will be able to work with them.

Photo: Sutera/Amir Hazwan

The event allowed visitors to gain an insight into how to develop their startup in the nation digital ecosystem and hopefully with the knowledge gain, it will grow the country ecosystem to be able to stay within other countries.

For future updates on the Brunei Digital Ecosystem summit, check out their Instagram page.