BruWILD is a local non-government organization (NGO) that works towards the conservation and preservation of our country’s biodiversity and natural heritage.

In conjunction with World Wildlife Day on 3rd March 2019, the NGO joined the world in promoting and increasing awareness on ‘Life below water: for people and planet’, which falls under United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 14.

Photo: Safwan Sulaiman/Sutera

We spoke to Lin Ji, Founder and President of BruWILD who told us that in line with the theme this year, she thought that it would be great to work with global social enterprises and figure out creative ways to increase awareness together.

“When we visit schools through BruWILD, we often engage with the students using presentation slides and nature trips. This time, we wanted to do reach them through other mediums that are outside the box – so why not create awareness through everyday things like their clothes and incorporate art into it,” said Lin Ji.

With the combined efforts of local creatives Pins and Needles Studio, Pupu Shi and I Love Colours, the all-women team have managed to showcase marine animals that can be found in our Brunei waters such as Dugong, Marine Turtles and Sea Otters through children’s wear.

Photo courtesy of BruWILD and Pins and Needles Studio

Rasyeedah Samid, Founder and Seamstress of Pins and Needles Studio is in charge of creating the produced materials into children’s pyjamas. She said that the idea to collaborate together with BruWILD came about when Lin Ji mentioned about wanting to create a line with her company in lieu with World Wildlife Day.

“I suggested to her that she should look for an illustrator that she felt was right for the collaboration, and that was how she found Sally Chin of I Love Colours,” said Rasyeedah.

By the time Rasyeedah decided to commit to the project, Sally had already illustrated prototypes of the images and they worked along very well. However, initially the team wanted to outsource the printing of the garments overseas, but they thought that it would be great to incorporate more local talents – this is where Siti Rawini of Pupu Shi came into the picture.

Photo courtesy of BruWILD and Pins and Needles Studio

“I knew that Siti Rawini had been doing printing in the forms of block printing on stamps and also screen printing. I’ve always wanted to do a line with screen printing done locally so it’s been a really great collaboration,” exclaimed Rasyeedah.

The pyjama sets will be available for purchase at BND58 per set on 7th March 2019, where proceeds go to the BruWILD rescue projects. According to Lin Ji, she looks forward to future collaborations that she has planned in June for the upcoming World Environment Day and World Ocean Day. For more information, follow BruWILD on Instagram and Facebook.