While there are fast food franchises all around Brunei that sells different menus such as Burgers, Fried Chicken and Fries. There is one fast food that is part of the Brunei culture and lifestyle. This food is known as ‘Nasi Katok’ which directly translates to ‘rice and knock’ in malay language.

The food usually contains three main ingredients – hot plain rice, a chicken with some sambal (shrimp paste) and packed in a brown paper wrapper or served on a plate. There is a story behind this special dish on where and how the name Nasi Katok came from.

Based on local folklore in Brunei, Nasi Katok literally means Nasi – rice and Katok – knock. It came from a story where the only way to get food during the midnight in the old days was to knock on the door of a food outlet. Which lead to the sleepy owner to prepare a simple dish made of rice, chicken with some sambal. This is where the Nasi Katok name originate from because you have to knock people’s doors to get the food served in the night.

Now the food has evolve, from having basic sambal to having various choices of sauce mix to the packet such as Buttermilk,  Tahai (fish paste). Not only that, people can now choose from fish fillets, beef or even Udang Galah (Lobsters). All the dishes are lowly priced at  one dollar to two dollars at most.

The dish caught on, became a trend and a signature food for Brunei. Nowadays there are stalls selling Nasi Katok at most streets in Brunei.

So for foreigners who plan to visit the country, they must try out this local delicacy or risk missing out on checking out something very Bruneian.