Last year, Sutera and Crescendo Brunei collaborated to create a music video for their cover of the song, Suasana Hari Raya. Sutera this time once again worked together to produce another music video for their cover of 10 Jari Aidifitri.

The song was an original from the Malaysian band, Forteen and Crescendo boost their own version.

“We chose this song as it perfectly shows the ambiance of Hari Raya Aidilfitri with an upbeat theme going into a funfair.” Said Muhammad Asyramisyanie or better known as Awang of Crescendo .

Crescendo’s version of the song is similar to the original but with their own twist of the song and managed to compliment what was already created by the original artist.

“We arranged the song to not being too similar to the original and be different based on the group strengths.

Of course, we don’t stray away from the original and we try to use as much as we could from the artist with the new flavour. Our version is a bit more louder and has that ‘Crescendo’ trademark,” said Asyramisyanie on the arrangement.

Through this music video, the group hopes that it will give them more opportunities to perform  and to have fun as a group.

“The passion to create music is always there. By creating this cover, we hope that it will generate the more followers for us and eventually will lead the group to perform more events such as weddings as well as cultural events,” said Awang.

“Earlier this year, we performed for the Lunar New Year event. By performing for more of these events will allow the group to have a bit of that side income for the equipments as well as pursuing our passion. This is definitely one of our goals to achieve, “ Awang concluded.

Do check out the music video now on Sutera’s social media channels : Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.