‘Warisan’, translated as heritage, is the sixth installation of the EMERGE series, organised by Creative Space Art Gallery. The art exhibition has been running for two years since April 2016 and aims to provide a platform for young and emerging local artists in the country.

Osveanne Osman, Gallery Manager and Art Curator at Creative Space Art Gallery shares her hopes of meeting their goal of identifying 50 local artists by the end of next year.

Photo: Sutera/Nasrullah Adanan

“At the moment, we have featured the artwork of 32 local artists, and we have high hopes to reach 50 next year, where we will have a mass exhibition to wrap up the EMERGE series,” she exclaimed.

Osveanne explains that artists overseas tend to use international or internationally-recognised dialogues and inject their culture into their art. This is why the EMERGE series mainly revolves around cultural topics, in hopes to train local artists to find their own Bruneian identity before they venture out overseas.

Photo: Sutera/Nasrullah Adanan

The exhibition is unique because it only features local artists, and simultaneously recognises contemporary artists in Brunei. There is currently no existing archive of the artists in Brunei who are practicing and those who are making sales, so Creative Space wishes to compile a catalogue of artists who are making a breakthrough in the art industry.

She hopes that with the presence of this catalogue, it will be able to provide opportunities for our local artists and get their work to be showcased abroad.

Photo: Sutera/Nasrullah Adanan

EMERGE VI: Warisan is open for public viewing until 31st December 2018, on Wednesdays to Sundays between 10am to 4pm, and Fridays from 2.30pm to 7pm. Creative Space Art Gallery is located at No. 6B, 1st Floor, Block B, Sengkurong Shopping Centre. They can be reached on their Instagram and Facebook.