Have you noticed that in recent years Brunei has seen an increase in its creative art industries? Just last month, when Brunei bloomed with its first Brunei International Flower Show 2019, several of our local art studios, organisations, and local artists had brought in their floral-themed artworks and installations to brighten the event. However, in case you missed it, here are a few of the floral-themed highlights:

#1 An eye-catching art installation brought together by Kaleidoscope Studio and Brunei Shell Petroleum, the ‘Thrifted Throne’ is made to raise awareness about fast fashion, sustainability, and the problem of the textile industry pollution. The throne is constructed out of scrap fabric and papers that were artfully folded into blooming flowers, as well as other reusable materials.  

#2 Meanwhile, Bloom Project Co. in their collaboration with BIBD combined both paint and fresh flowers. They took fresh cut flowers and carefully preserved them before patching them together onto a canvas, presenting flowers blooming from the very walls.

#3 For this event, Zakaria Omar Arts Foundation (YSZO) features their HAWA artists’ floral artworks. You’ll see lush green scenery, the iconic yellow Simpur flower of Brunei, painted pink orchids and figs, all supporting the theme Brunei in Bloom

Out of the three listed above, which one was your favourite?