Though small, the music industry of Brunei is present and constantly growing. When compared to the film industry, music production is rather a niche in the country. Not many knew of the music producers or the tremendous work that goes behind producing high quality music. With that in mind, the Sutera team sets out to uncover the curious world of music through a friendly connection. His name is Danish Haji Nordin, a local music producer and the owner of NEEZ home studio.

Danish started off his music career as a crew member of Crib music studio. During his time there, he improved his producing skills in music development. His skill sets then grew to include fitting roles of being a composer, sound engineer and producer. Later on, Shahrol Jeffry Dato Paduka Haji Ibrahim and other senior members became Danish’s respected mentors in teaching him the art of managing a music studio. Several years after leaving Crib music studio due to certain family commitment issues, Danish returned to the music scene with his very own, NEEZ home studio.

“My crew and I opened up this studio as a platform to help our local talents start their own music career,” said Danish.

Some of the first songs produced by Danish were like; ‘Jalan Untukku’ sang by Jamairul and featuring Danish Nordin; and ‘Terima Kasih Cinta’ by Notyboy and Damian Mikail (V.E). Amongst the notable artists that have worked with him were Jupiter Waves, Secret Signal, Sai, Ena and Azizi Sabri; the latter will be releasing his single this year which features Danish as well.

Despite the growing successes of the music studio, Danish admitted to facing challenges along the way. One of them would be inexperienced bands that were not familiar with recording at all. According to Danish, recording and playing live are two different beasts all together. It’s impossible to carry on without the band knowing the important technical aspects like playing with a metronome.

Another challenge encountered by NEEZ music studio is gaining support of the public and royalties. This stemmed from the lack of encouragement by certain parties to the music industry in Brunei. Danish aims to solve this issue by improving the support of music events around the Sultanate.

For Danish, the success of his studio didn’t come overnight. It took him years of learning the art of music making through his mentors, members and now, during his full-time job. His determination and dedication to the industry brought about positive influences to the international scope. It had allowed him to work on a lot of projects with the locals as well as artists from Malaysia and Indonesia.

“To make music, you have to express your love through music; whether it’s in singing or instrumentation. Bob Marley once said – One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain,” were Danish’s final note during the interview.

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