Carpentry is a fascinating industry to dabble into in Brunei – since many of our furnitures are imported from other countries. Because of this, there are not many skilled local carpenters in Brunei. However, all is not lost as many youths are slowly diving into realm of the woodworking business especially with the on-going support from schools by organizing carpentry courses. In our latest installment of Voices in Brunei, we  take a look at a carpentry skills of Md. Hafizuddin bin Mudim Haji Amran or better known as Hafeez, the founder and owner of

He started doing woodworking as a hobby during his school days but his inspiration came from travelling and by looking at the unique furnitures used in restaurants.

“I found this one restaurant where they applied a vintage-esque look at their restaurant. So, when I got back, I started to look for any available pallet woods. I eventually found some and I then started to build a multipurpose table for my mom” said Hafeez about how he started.

After posting his table creation on social media, people then approached him to create custom furniture and eventually led to Hafeez opening up the Kapintar.Bn. Since then, many restaurants and boutiques around the country asked him to create a unique custom furnitures for the shop. This can be either a cooking station, table, dining set, mug holder, card holder and many more.

”His Majesty’s recent Titah to be a capable and self-reliant, successful youth was a motivational factor for me to push hard for the Karpintar.Bn”, said Hafeez.

“Of course, we would like to expand our business by opening up a showroom. I believe that Bruneian youths can contribute in woodworking industry  and we are hoping that we can become the first local Bruneians who have a custom-made furniture showroom in Brunei.” highlighted Hafeez when asked about his vision for his company.

All successes will not be fruitful without its challenges. According to Hafeez, part of the challenge is that carpentry is not a popular choice for many as well as the lack of pallet of woods available in the country.

As Hafeez is running a home-based business, it is difficult for him to expand towards his vision of opening a showroom featuring his creations. Refusing to falter, he strive on and highlight that social media played an important role to showcase his talents.

Hafeez hopes that carpentry will catch on with the youths as he believes with inspiration, motivation and creativity, a person can do so much with a wood pallet. He hopes that one day, woodworking will be one of the Sultanate’s sources of income.

“Carpentry may not be a best choice for youths in Brunei but with the right tools, you can do a lot of amazing things with a wood pallet. If you believe that you can do it, then keep going  and never give up,”said Hafeez.

Photo: Sutera/Amir Hazwan

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