While the concept is still new in Brunei, open air food courts are slowly gaining popularity with the presence of Kontena Park at Anggerek Desa and various night markets that allow customers to dine-in outdoors.

Initially, when Beribi Eats opened to the public in mid September, they thought of it as a place for people to get food on-the-go rather than as a place to dine-in. However, when tables and chairs were set up for waiting customers, they saw potential and decided to fill the open space with more tables and chairs.

“The organisers arranged some chairs for those waiting for their food to be ready, but our customers started to dine-in with their family and friends, which led the owners to invest in more tables and chairs, making the place what it is today,” said Hajah Yusnani of Dapur Yuza, a vendor at Beribi Eats.

Photo: Sutera/Amir Hazwan

It comprises of eight different stalls, selling a variety of food choices, from juicy burgers and pizza to light snacks such as banana fritters and fried spring rolls. The addition of tables and chairs has helped the place grow with more patrons going to the area to get their dinner for the night.

Hajah Yusnani proceeded to tell us that Beribi Eats has been getting a favourable response from the public, where some even start to flock in before they open. “A lot of customers started to drop by early, which resulted in some of the vendors opening an hour earlier, despite the place beginning operations at 5pm. Thanks to the overwhelming response from the public, the place is usually packed at night and our products sell out before closing time,” she exclaimed.

The area offers a laid-back ambience with dim string lights hung over the open dining space. The natural landscape surrounding the area completes the look of the place, making it a welcoming atmosphere to spend time with friends and family.

Head on over to Beribi Eats to experience it for yourself! You can find the place on Google Maps, operating daily between 5pm to 11pm.