Most people know how to ride a bike but did you know that there is an extreme event like the Enduro series to challenge these riders physically and mentally?

Now, if you are not aware, Enduro events are usually mountain biking event. The term Enduro came from the word endurance, where it is a long distance ride by motor bikes or bicycles over rough trails or mountains designed to test a person durability. According to reports, enduro mountain bike racing gets its inspiration from the World Rally Championship. The first modern format race first started in August 2003 are usually consist of 3 to 6 timed stages. In the earlier days, Enduro races were conducted with eye blinds and the riders wouldn’t know what is ahead as the stages were not studied or ridden before the racing.

Due to its popularity in Europe, the Enduro series entered Asia with various other countries holding their own version of the race as part of the Asian Enduro Series (AES). In Brunei, the Royal Brunei Enduro Series has been going on for 2 years as part of the AES. This year the race was held again at Tasik Serubing managed by Kingdom Rides and Adventures (KRA) and in partnership with the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) alongside Royal Brunei Airlines. Sutera is this year media partner for the event.

The race this year featured seven stages with six categories available for the riders – Elite (experienced cyclist), Aficionados (aged 30-39 years), Kenage (40-49 years), Legends (aged 50 and above), Fememino (for women participants) and Prodigy (aged 15-17 years old).

The Elite Category were won by United Kingdom rider, Christopher Gallagher, who finished with the best total time of 22:52:63, Aficionados category was won by Tan Soon Soon, Kenage was won by Pongpun Itngam, Legends category was won by Chandra Ariavijaya, Fememino was won by Liyana Zakaria and last but not the least, Prodigy was won by Junho Kim.

“There are some good competition here at the tournament and it was a great two days battling those guys – It is more relax here compare to the European series and the award ceremony is unique compared to other countries where they would give the trophies right after the event” said Christopher Gallagher on the event.

“This is my first time being crowned as a champion for Asian Enduro Series in Brunei despite the crash during the first day which was unexpected, but for this year, we had seven stages instead of six, so it is more challenging than last year.” Comment a local rider, Liyana Zakaria, for this year Enduro Event.

It is no surprise that The Royal Brunei Enduro Series has become an attraction to invite foreigner to the Sultanate. This year we saw a lot of foreigners joining in the elite category, which the winner mentioned was his first time joining in the Asian series. It gives the rider a glimpse of Brunei forest and showcase the potential for Brunei Tourism.

For more information of the endure series, visit Kingdom Rides and Adventures social medias: Facebook and Instagram or visit Asian Enduro Series Website