A natural freshwater lake is a rare occurrence in Brunei. When one was formed in Kampong Lugu, it became a tourist destination for something different in the sultanate.

The lake started due to the construction of RPN terrace housing at Lugu Village, the construction workers dug a hole, which resulted in a pit.  While these pits are common in any large project and eventually became mini lakes. In the case of Lugu Lake, the pit was naturally filled with clear blue freshwater.

Upon knowing this, the place started to be filled with people doing recreational activities such as diving, swimming,  picnic, barbeque, kayaking and even stand-up paddling.

There are small huts serving as small stalls selling various food  or even become a changing room for swimmers as there are no restroom available in the area.

Sutera team went to the place to find out what some of the visitors thinks of the place.

“With a nice view, clear blue waters and some light breezes, it became a place for people to hangout in the afternoon” said Allan, one of the visitors during the day.

We also talked with one of vendors , Rosnani, where she said “There are usually a lot of people coming to visit the lake especially during the weekends with various nationalities visiting to checkout the beautiful lake”

Why you should go there: Visitors can experience the beautiful and clear blue water that is unique to Brunei. People can take a dive in the water and see the view from in the water. Nature photographers will love the view of the lake which is great for photoshoot and landscape photography.

How to get there: To go to the lake, visitors have to turn to Kampong Lugu when driving through the Muara-Tutong Highway about a 20 minute drive from Bandar Seri Begawan. You can find the place via Google Maps

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