Ramadhan stalls during the blessed month is a sure-fire way to find inexpensive food for breaking your fast. Just in Jualan Gerai Ramadhan at Stadium, there are over 100 stalls featuring various delicious food for patrons to buy.

We at Sutera, choose 5 of our favourite choices in our recent trip to Gerai Ramadhan in Brunei-Muara District.

  1. Various types of Barbeque

At each of the Gerai Ramadhan stalls, there are different types of Barbeque for customers to buy, it can be chicken, meat or even seafood. For our choices, these barbequed goodies can be found at Jualan Gerai Ramadhan in Stadium.

      2. Chicken Burger with Prawn Sambal

At the Stadium, there are a large varieties of burgers, the one we chose is a chicken burger mix with Prawn sambal. Of course, you can have it your way by mixing beef or chicken burger with assortment of sauces.

      3. Rou Bing/Chinese Fried Meat Pie

Found at Gerai Ramadhan Lapau, the bread is similar to murtabak with a mix of beef or chicken fillings. Customers can enjoy unique style of bread from China.

      4. Popia (Spring Rolls)

At Stadium, there is one place that sells popias with various fillings such as prawn, cheese, chicken, meat and even lamb for customers to choose from.

       5. Giant Tumpi

The Bruneian Pancake (Tumpi) is made to an enormous size during the month of Ramadhan. This unique delicacy can be found at various Gerai Ramadhan stalls around Bandar Seri Begawan.