Under 10 at Gadong Night Market

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The general perception of food such as spring rolls, assortments of fritters to the ever popular ‘Nasi Katok’ at a night market anywhere are often inexpensive. However, have you ever wondered what you could get for just under $10 Brunei dollars (BND) at Pasar Malam Gadong – one of the main go-to night markets in the Sultanate.

The Sutera team brought along a local Bruneian, Mateen Baaqii and to see what he would spend the budget on.

Cendol at Perusahaan Haji Metali

His first choice was the famous Cendol at the Haji Metali stall, and quite appropriately chose the Durian Cendol priced at BND$1.20 – as the ever popular fruit bears its season in Brunei. The stall is also often favoured by the locals for it’s varieties of iced desserts flavours mixed with pandan jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar. The flavours also include Teh-C and red bean.

Pulut Panggang at ‘Delicious’ Stall

Next up was the ‘Prawn Pulut Panggang ’ at Delicious Stall, which is priced at BND$1 for 4 pieces. The stall used to be located at Kampong Katok A is usually prominent for it’s Nasi Katok. Nowadays, the booth sells other choices such as banana fritters and Begedil –  a deep fried potato patty.

Gearbox soup at Haji Bosnia’s Stall

After we chose the appetizers, we began our search for the main course and we chose Haji Bosnia’s Stall to have a taste on their well-known soups, such as the lamb and beef soup. The special of the day was their ‘Gear Box’ soup priced at $3 per bowl. The dish was aptly named ‘gear box’ by the locals to compare the leg bone to a car’s gear box. Local patrons can buy it on a bowl to eat at one of the tables in Pasar Malam Gadong or take the soup home. The stall also sells burgers and different types nasi campur (mix rice) at affordable prices.

Karipap at Dapur Yuza

A place well-known for their different types of karipap (curry puffs) with many fillings. Mateen chose their durian karipap which is sold at $2 for 3 pieces. Among the tasty fillings sold at the booth were chicken, beef and chicken mixed with cheese.

Drinks at Hark Enterprise

One of the craze among the locals since its introduction during the Ramadhan period, was the Giant cups or Jumbo cups of drinks priced at $1. The drink of choice for our guest was the Ice Teh-Tarik. There are other flavours available such as ice lemon tea and milo.

$1 Nasi Lemak

Towards the end of the night, Mateen decided to get one of the $1 Nasi lemak that was readily available at many of the stalls at Pasar Malam Gadong. There are many varieties of Nasi lemak available at the stalls such as chicken, beef, anchovies and Tahai (smoked, dried herring paste).

As we concluded the night, Mateen’s choices of the night cost only BND$9.20 – well below our budget but equally satisfying in many ways. With the extra 80 cents, there were still many more snacks to choose from at the Gadong Night Market.

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